Promoting Peace and Harmony is Everybody’s Duty


During the 2019 Nigerian presidential election, Roseline Ebunobi Foundation played a key role in sensitizing the Nigerian citizen on the importance of having a peaceful voting exercise and to curb the spread of falsities, violence, cyberbully, fake news, internet trolling and Internet stalking.

Through the Red Alert Project with the National Orientation Agency (NOA) we were able to limit the rise of fake news and also counter its negative effects which could lead to chaos, uprisings, conflicts, and tension. Our team developed an application with our partnering company IO Technologies and also carried out a sensitization campaign to this effect online and on the streets of Abuja, FCT, Nigeria.

A major impact is that this application helps us to measure the spread of such news as well as the magnitude of damage for proper information and reputation management over digital media.

Falsities get into circulation faster than truth. Social media and the internet have made stories travel father than light. Verify your information before sharing it on the internet and beyond. -Roseline Ebunobi Foundation

It is important that we spread love and not hate.

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