Menstrual Hygiene Campaign


Studies show that on average, a woman has her period from three to seven days in a month and she menstruates from age 12 until age 50. That means she menstruates 456 times over a period of 38 years, consuming over 9000 pads in her lifetime.

Today is world menstrual hygiene day, as a female, do you think that sanitary pads should be given out freely or subsidized with a backing education on menstrual topics as much as thousands of condoms are freely distributed worldwide on world condom day?

Click here to participate in this survey/campaign.

By participating in this campaign, you are not only a voice for many girls and women who are voiceless, vulnerable, underprivileged, but for yourselves who is a beautiful, strong, powerful, valued and intelligent woman.

Tomorrow –28th May is World Menstrual Hygiene Day.

 Boys & Men team up with us in creating awareness on the “Menstrual Hygiene Campaign”-Everybody’s Business.

This movement is popularly called Project Red Alert (Now  Pad a girl Project) It’s designed to support and educate women and girls in need of menstrual hygiene products and also employing solutions to help females gain quick access to female hygiene products in times of emergency. 

Boys and  Men are raising their voices for every female including that girl who is voiceless, vulnerable, underprivileged…

That girl who knows nothing about her body because she has no education.

That girl who can’t speak out because society sees “Period” as a Taboo.

That girl child who is very sick because she’s been exercising poor menstrual practices through the use of old rags and tissue paper to control her period.

That girl who needs help!

That girl is absent from school because, in her school, there isn’t a toilet to help her manage her period.

That Nigerian mother who leaves for the market to sell fish every morning and comes home to her kids at night, not one toilet is found in the market.  

That girl child who wears one single sanitary pad round the clock even though the description says; “to be worn and disposed within 7-8 hours” because the rate of 1 pack of the sanitary pad is overly rated and is unaffordable for the common girl.

That girl child who is currently infected with a genital disease, Urinary Tract Infection… due to poor menstrual hygiene.

That Girl needs you and I.  Click here to participate in this survey/campaign 

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